Express Adventure

Water Canyoning + Rafting + Picnic

 Come and enjoy your adventure in the rapids of the Cabriel River and water Canyonyng, from the hand of our specialists. Group fun and an unforgettable experience!

If you do not have much time but want an Complete Adventure we offer you the Express Adventure, which only need to use a full day. Accompanied by our guides and specialists with the necessary equipment to ensure safety we offer this plan:

During the morning a decrease of water gully, Canyon of Chorreras, where you can enjoy jumping from considerable heights to deep pools or by throwing on any of the natural slides that we will find our way, some of them of more than 8 meters.

Rafting in Valencia AIGUAROCA adventures sports company

 After a brief rest and regain strength after a picnic lunch, without taking off the wetsuit, we'll get into one of our rafts to descend one of the stretches of whitewater river Cabriel. Down that we make through the rapids, waves and turbulence, demonstrating our ability to drive the boat at all times by the most appropriate paths that make us feel strong emotions and feelings hard to forget.

Canyoning in Valencia with AIGUAROCA adventure sport company


We are sure that you will sleep soundly at night with no problem even if you will have to sleep in any city center.

Price: 70€