The Ultimate Extreme Sport



 Only in AIGUAROCA you have the option to practice extreme sport rage worldwide.


We are the first company in adventure sports and events in Spain to complete our range of activities with the spectacular new attraction.

All description is short for performances and laughter featuring the BLOB-JUMP.

Spectacular, breathtaking, Brutal!

Catapulted by your friends, the best thing for big time!!! WE GUARANTEE


Although spectacular, is a safe activity for participants.

The feelings that brings the magnificent BLOB-JUMP makes it to become fashionable in our continent also after the great success it is having in the United States.

Convinced that you’l love it, we recommend it for all ages from 16 years with no age limit :)

Ideal activity for groups of friends, birthdays, stag and hen parties and all those who are willing to try and enjoy this new modality that has already become a sport.

You´l love it, we are sure!



Three or four people, platform placed high enough, a lot of water and a mat of 6 to 10 meters filled with air (BLOB).

 Our most common blob is 8 meters depending on the weight of the participants can be made catapults up to 9 meters in the air. For the bravest we have the super-blob of 10 meters.

Where to practice Blob-Jumping

We installed BLOB-JUMP Contreras Reservoir where we make more of our activities.

It is an ideal place to spend the day and easily accessible for everyone as it is stuck to the A3 motorway.

You will enjoy swimming in a reservoir with clear water, the same water as the river fluie Cabriel prara ideal river rafting or kayaking.

The Rio Cabriel is among the cleanest in Europe 6

How come?

From a tower height of 5 meters, jumpers (one two or three jumpers) are released and fall to the BLOB that is floating in the water.

 With the force of the fall from the tower jumpers propel the BLOBER (the brave that is located in the blob) that, when friends fall, leaves catapulted upwards followed by a free fall into the water.


It all started by chance experimenting with huge rubber tanks that were used to transport fuel from the U.S. Army One of the soldiers discovered the effect and had more fun staying in the army along with his entire company. "Blob jumping" quickly became a water activity very common in summer camps in the United States, and the phenomenon is growing, and across the "pond".



  • Location: Contreras Reservoir Valencia
  • Duration: Half day
  • Minimum group: 8 people (small groups see the opportunity to join other groups)
  • Minimum age: 10 years
  • Season: May to September
  • Personal capacities: know to swim
  • Not suitable for pregnant women, people with epilepsy or heart disease.
  • ! Any other medical conditions have to tell us!


  • All equipment required to perform the BLOB-JUMP: helmet, life jacket, (neoprene pants and jacket if it's cold)
  • liability insurance and accident.


  • Transportation to the activity.
  • What to bring
  • Swimsuit / bikini set
  • Sports shoes that can get wet.
  • Towel and sunscreen.
  • Another other shoes.


  • 1 monitor / (10pers.).


  • Possibility of accommodation in AIGUAROCA consult us.

Price: 40€