Aiguaroca What gives?

Aiguaroca will provide insurance, equipment and materials necessary to perform each of the activities. At all times you will be accompanied by specialized that will help in the development of the activity. Also at the end you calm the thirst with a soda or soft drinks alchol.

What should I bring for water activities like rafting, water canyon, kayak, canoe raft?

Everyone should bring a swimsuit since before the activity, should bring hiking boots or sneakers to put them in the water. Do not bring strappy sandals or without restraint, and that we can not walk with these shoes in the water. The shoes you bring should have a stiff sole to tread firmly on the rocks.

What should I take for dry ravine, trekking, quads, climbing, horse, Paintball?

In winter it is advisable to bring: a raincoat, fleece jacket or coat, waterproof pants and / or thermal and mountain shoes with a stiff sole.

In summer, we recommend you bring: baggy pants or shorts, waterproofs and stiff-soled shoes.

What should I bring to spend the weekend?

Bring all the desire you have to spend a weekend of multisport in nature and also gets into your backpack: a swimsuit, sports shoes or hard-soled, sunscreen and personal hygiene supplies.

The technical material and fun as you provide us.

I have no experience and is the first time I make estetipo of activities ...

All the activities that we offer do not require previous experience. Our specialized instructors will show you how wrap the material and do the activity, not to supervise you throughout its duration. They are there to help with whatever you need, feel free to ask whatever you want.

I have small children ...

Our activities are designed for children over 6 years. Our instructors pay special attention to small but they will always be accompanied by their parents. If you have a child under six years can make an exception and let them do the activity, if only we allow a child under 6 years of group activity.

Is there a group discount?

Most of our activities are discounted by 14% (- € 5) if you contract the group activity of more than 20 people. For other discounts please contact us by email or phone.